Such a short word with such a long meaning. Yet, could be used so wrong, in so many ways. It could bring you the greatest feeling in the world, even better than getting high. Then again, it could also bring you to the most pain. It could save someones life, but at the same time take another persons life. Love can be so confusing, but could also make complete sense. Love takes so much patience, time, energy. 

Love is so amazing, but at the same time is a big disaster mixed together, wrapped up and thrown at us. So we, as a human beings, need to decide whether we want to take love into our lives as the wrong way or the right way. 

Are we going to let it give us the best feeling in the world or will we let it bring us pain? Will we let it save someone’s life or let it take someone’s life? Will we see it as something extremely
confusing or will it make complete sense? You decide.

Love means waiting 'til you see each other again and prove that the feeling always exists even if distance contradicts.

Before you get yourself into a long distance relationship, understand that you will not be in the same city/country, that you will not be in the same time zone,that you will not be in each other’s arms until the next time you get to be together. Understand that you will have to settle for any social network to keep in touch, to see each each other, that you can’t just expect them to show up at your doorstep when you tell them to come over, that you have to wait a while or a long time to see them again. Understand that this kind of relationship requires a lot of patience, a lot of trust, a lot of commitment. Understand that there will be nights when you will cry yourself to sleep, that there will be days that you will be frustrated, that there will be times when it feels longer than it should. 

Understand that this will hurt.

Best friends.

Having guy who is only just a friend to me. Don’t intend on having any feelings than just close friends. Been through so much and understand one another. We can be just friends. Being able to have a guy as my  best friend is also risky because any of us could develop feelings unless its a brotherly/sisterly relationship then there’s no problem. I honestly think that guys are more caring and cause less drama than girls. Which is why I would have a guy as my best friend. 

Yang Terindah.

Semenjak kau hadir dalam hidupku 
Tiada lagi keresahan 
Kau mengetuk pintu hatiku 
Tanpa sedar hingga ku izinkan

Kau yang bernama cinta 
Kau yang memberi rasa 
Kau yang ilhamkan bahagia 
Hingga aku terasa indah

Maaf jika ku tidak sempurna 
Tika bahagia mula menjelma 
Bila keyakinan datang merasa
Kasih disalut dengan kejujuran

Mencintai dirimu 
Merindui dirimu 
Memiliki dirimu 
Hingga akhir hayat bersama kamu

Kau yang bernama cinta 
Kau yang memberi rasa 
Kau yang ilhamkan bahagia 
Hingga aku terasa indah

Kau yang bernama cinta 
Hingga aku rasa indah

CC : Muhammad Aiman Bin Abdul Aziz


For all my life, I always come across people who are upset or disappointed in themselves because they are timid, or shy, or even lack in confidence (even me actually feels that). That insecurities kills us at night, with thoughts that haunts and limit us in everyday life.

But today, above all of the negativity we found in that insecurities, have we ever be thankful for that feeling?

Be thankful that you're timid and shy, be thankful that you're insecure. Have you ever thought that if you don't have those feelings in you, you're not where you're supposed to be now? Be glad that you looked down everytime you pass over a guy who looks good, or looking at you, because you're protecting yourself from a person you might never know their intention from the first place. Be thankful that you don't have the guts to wear tight or sexy outfits because you're insecure of your body, in a way you're protecting yourself from the bad intentions that people might have towards you or even the bad perceptions from the people around you. Be thankful you don't go out that often because you worry about your appearance and you don't have the confidence like other people, there are a lot possibilities that could happen outside there. 

Okay, that just a warm up statement. Lets move to the main message, Thankful.

Everyone had knew what courses they going to took in degree soon. So do I. And sure I am so thankful to Him for this. It is not because I had got what I wanted to. But this is about what I should did, thankful for every single thing that He had given. By getting my first choice is just a big bonus.

But then there still a person who keep on complaining about what they got, never tired to look at the dark site of what He had gave and what sad the most? Never stop to think that they deserve for something better when they are totally not. I am feel sorry for this type of person. I wish He will give His hidayah to such people. Seriously, I get annoyed when reading all the cursed tweets on my TL. And thing getting worst when they are my Asasian. Come on, this is really not what our lecturer had thought us.

You might not know that a lot of people outside there who still hanging on the line, who feels so unlucky, who so pathetic cuz didn't get any offers. Just remember this, there always always always a people who in a damn hardship situation than you're in. Life is a road right? Just put a little bit patient then when the time is come, you'll be at the most upper site of it. Trust me, Allah is full of fairness and justice.

For anythings that you have in you, you might not know whether it's for the good or the bad, so be thankful. Chin up guys, be happy for what you had and what you get. Rabb have reasons for everything, he creates each and every one of our life perfectly, just in a different way.


I officially ended my foundation year in UMS. A journey that holds everything in one. Too much experience, too much lessons, too much memories. I'm going to miss waking up in the morning to go to class. Having endless time for assignment and stuff. Sleeping for one whole day after a tiring week. The lecturers, the mates. Thank you Allah for sending me here. InsyAllah we'll meet again. Sorry for those whom I had hurt. Sorry for any hard feelings. Love you guys to the max.

So here's to everything we had been through. Here's to the tears. Here's to every pain. Here's to every hardships. Here's to every hard work. Here's to our love as a family. May Allah bless all of us.

Degree awaits. Zexcited.

Good luck for tomorrow everyone! Wish you guys all the best :)

Here some rock to remember for.


Pada aku, jealousy itu perkara paling mainstream. I get that all the time. Well you get that the whole time.

I get jealous of your parents. They get your attention all the time.
I get jealous of your siblings. They can be as ridiculous as you.
I get jealous of your friends. Even the guys. They get to see you everyday.
I get jealous of your girl friends. Because they get to laugh with you.
I get jealous of everything around you.

I think it is normal. Especially when we're apart. Its not something that is too much. I'm happy whenever you show you're jealous. The same goes to you. You laughed everytime I get jealous. Sometimes we may got carried away and messed things up with this jealousy thingy. But the end of the day, we know it happens because we love that much.

I'm jealous. Bye.